First of all, I’m absolutely loving this month’s ticket-shaped bag from Ipsy. It’s one of my favorites so far. The best thing about the Glam Bag subscription is that these little bags are good quality and are actually useful.

In my bag this month:

OFRA Blush — I’ve gotten so many blushes from Ipsy that I actually have a backstock, so I haven’t tried this one yet. But I already know that I love this shade.

defy & inspire Nail Lacquer in Paradise Island — I love this color so much. I’ve been meaning to get a polish in a similar shade, so I’m happy that Ipsy made it happen. I just put it on today, so I’ll let you know how long it lasts, since it claims to be “wear resistant.”

Skin&Co Truffle Therapy Face Toner — Seriously, it’s like Ipsy read my mind this month. I needed toner because the one I was using started to smell funny and I tossed it. This one smells great and I can’t wait to try it.

ColourPop Gel Pencil — Well, they sent me a reddish-brown color which is not what I normally wear. I’m really a black-eyeliner-all-the-way gal. But I’m not complaining. It’s probably time to switch it up.

PEEK Beauty Eye Shadow — It’s a cute little tin of shimmery brown eye shadow. It’s perfect. I still have my PEEK lip plumping gloss from a few Glam Bags ago. So far I’m pretty impressed with their products. And their packaging is cute, too.

So far I’m very happy with my April Glam Bag. The last two months were not too impressive, but this one makes up for it. I have no intention of giving up my Glam Bag because it really is worth far more than $10 a month.

You can get your own Glam Bag delivered for $10 by clicking here. Just fill out a quick and easy survey and they’ll send you five items based on your profile.


Here’s what they look like outside of their shells.