As I mentioned before, I moved to the ‘burbs. It’s been interesting, to say the least. My biggest dilemma in the new house is furnishing the formal living room. I know, first world problems. I’ve never had a formal living room, so I spent months mulling it over. Then I had an epiphany: Reading and Listening room.

The formal living room now sports a cozy couch, a carefully-filled bookcase, and this Darley Console Table that I found at Target. Sadly, I could only fit less than half of my record collection underneath, but I think it looks great. The table was super easy to put together. The top came already assembled and I just had to put the legs together and screw them on. It’s a sturdy table. The drawers slide smoothly and are perfect for keeping cords and such. I was a little worried that the bottom shelf wouldn’t be strong enough to hold the albums, but it’s totally fine.

I’m thinking of adding this table to the other side of the room. Not sure if it’s too much over the top, though. What do you guys think?