Wow. It’s already the end of February.

I didn’t have time last month to review all the goodies I got in my Zen Tea Bar box. Now I’m on my second box and I know you want to hear how it’s going. Take a look at these great products that were shipped to me for February.

tea6This box included the following:

*Organic Oolong by Prince of Peace

*Roasted Chestnut by Tea Source

*Classic Green Tea by Fields & Selects

*Rose Chamomile Lavender by The Tea Company

They even threw in a bonus; two bags of Alpine Berry by Two Leaves and a Bud. That one wasn’t my favorite. It was sweet but a little too strong. Next time I’ll probably steep it for half the time. But that’s just a personal preference. I still appreciate the extra product in my box. I feel that the people at Zen Tea Bar put in a lot of effort to make their customers happy.

I also tried the Chestnut. It was different. There were actually slivers of chestnuts in the tea. But overall it was tasty.

I’m still really liking the Zen Tea Bar box after two months. It’s a little treat for me. I like the informative bits they put in every box. The tea lasts until my next box because I only drink tea once or twice a week. This is because I can BARELY GET A MOMENT’S PEACE! Excuse me. I’m fine.

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