I received Bees Wrap in my MightyFix subscription a few months ago. Because I normally use glass containers with lids, I didn’t use the wrap until recently. I was surprised to actually find two wraps in the envelope; a small one and a large one.

I used the large one to cover a glass bowl of pizza dough. I wasn’t sure how will it would hold, but it actually did fairly well. The trick to keeping it on the bowl was to fold the wrap onto itself so it would hold onto the lip of the bowl. I don’t think it would have worked as well on a bowl with no lip. But even after the dough rose past the top of the bowl the wrap still held. I’ve also used it to wrap half of a bread loaf.


The Bees Wrap isn’t something I would buy. I like that it’s reusable and eco-friendly. It can be washed and hung to dry. But the wax that holds it to itself wears off a little with every use. So it’s not infinitely reusable. I would rather stick with my glass containers.

THE VERDICT: Bees Wrap is a nice idea, but I won’t be buying it in the future.