Remember when I ordered the organic deodorant sample box from MightyNest? Well, it came last week. Was I excited to try it? Nervous, actually. Because the only thing I’ve ever heard about organic deodorant is that it doesn’t work. But I’m not sure if that’s from people who actually have used it. I don’t generally go around asking people about their deodorant use.

I do know that regular deodorants contain aluminum which is bad for you. I’ve been considering switching to a safer alternative but I’ve been too chicken to do it. And that stuff can be expensive. That’s why I’m glad this opportunity came along. Again, I purchased the sample box from MightyNest. It wasn’t a freebie.

Lucky for me I had a four-day weekend due to a potential ice storm which turned out to be not much of anything. So I got to try the deodorant at home before releasing my stink on the public. stink1

I received four small bottles of Life Stinks in two scents, Cedarwood and Lavendar. Each scent came in Regular and Extra Strength. The instructions say to pat the powder onto my pits, which feels a little weird. But I got the hang of it. I started with the regular Lavendar on Saturday morning and have worn it every day for a week.

So far I’m impressed. The first four days were pretty leisurely for me, but I did do some heavy housework. I don’t normally sweat much from exertion or heat, so I still wasn’t sure about the deodorant’s reliability.

Then I was brave enough to wear Life Stinks to work. I do stress sweat. Not excessively, but enough to test the effectiveness of my deodorant. My job can be stressful, and Friday was the real test. I figured I’d stink to high heck when I got home. But I didn’t. Everything was cool, so to speak.

So, the deodorant was effective with no stickiness or white residue and no perfume scent.

THE VERDICT: I’m immediately switching to Life Stinks deodorant.

Yes, it’s winter and I might feel differently in the humid hot of summer. But I’ll let you know if I change my mind by then.