I started my Graze.com subscription in September. I love surprises. Good ones. And what’s better than surprise snacks? At work? I thought Graze.com would be a fun way to add a variety of snacks to my otherwise boring work day.


First of all, and this is not the fault of Graze.com at all, it’s not as fun to get snacks at work as I thought it would be. Because the receptionist brings the box back to my desk every month, shakes it in my face, and says “Ooo! Yummy!” or something like that. And then I thank her and stuff it in my top cabinet so I can open it later when I think nobody will pop in and be all “Oh, whatcha got there? Snacks?” I’m really pretty irritable at work.

And remember my plan where I was going to try a snack a day for eight days? BAHA! Right. You try that. After I’ve opened the box and perused its contents, I spend the rest of the day considering ripping into every last snack. But I can’t. Because that would be somehow wrong.

Again, none of this has anything to do with Graze.com as a business. It’s just my own personal issues. Scratching the surface on issues, really.

The reason I decided to cancel my Graze box was because the snacks leave me unsatisfied. Most of them are good snacks. They’re different from the usual stuff that I get. And different is good. But once I’ve finished the one-serving-only portion it’s done. That’s it. If it’s delicious I can’t have it again tomorrow.

This is where I think Graze.com has missed the mark. Some of these snacks are so good that I want to rush out and buy a bunch. But they’re all snacks made by Graze and very few of them are actually available to purchase. Some of them can be purchased from their website in the same sample serving containers as they come in the box. This is impractical. Others come in larger quantities but the prices are kind of ridiculous. Does Graze.com think their snacks are so good that we’ll pay anything to get them? Come on, Graze.

So, I cancelled. I promised you all in the beginning that I would let you in on the cancelling process for the subscriptions I choose. Because I think that’s as important as any other aspect of a subscription service. Nobody should be trapped into a subscription they no loner want.

Two weeks ago I went to Graze.com and cancelled my January box. The website said I had to cancel by Tuesday. I did. Apparently it wasn’t the right Tuesday. I got my January box a couple of days ago. The receptionist rattled it in front of my face and I was all, “What? No.” and she was all, “I have no idea.” and I was all (in my head), “Of course you don’t.” But whatever.

So Graze.com was, I guess, a little late in getting the message that I wanted to cancel their service. Okay. They can have a pass. But if I get a February box you’re all going to hear about it. Well, you’ll all hear about it anyway. I will follow up. So stay tuned.

Get your first Graze Box free by following this shiny link.