As you know, I’m kind of addicted to subscription boxes right now. Although, because of funds I’m currently only doing two subscriptions at a time. Okay, maybe three. Three is the most, I promise. But I have a wishlist of boxes I’d like to try. In order to do this I have to drop one or two of the others.

This month I decided to drop Graze (more on that later) and MightyFix from MightyNest. I chose to cancel MighyFix because, although I found their products interesting, I haven’t gotten much use out of them. That’s mostly my fault. The dryer balls I got the first month haven’t left my dryer except by accident. But they found their way back.


The next month I got Bees Wrap which I fully intended to use, but so far haven’t had a use for. I mostly use glass containers with lids and almost never cover my stuff with wrap. But we’ll see what happens in the future.


This month MightyNest sent me a whole package of 5 produce bags. This is a great product, too, if I could remember to take them to the store with me.


MightyFix is a great value. For only $10 a month they send out some really neat products. But I feel that it’s time to move on. It’s time to pick a fun subscription box that will spoil me.

But then when I went to cancel my MightyNest subscription I found that I could pick my next MightyFix from the discounted items they had available. So I picked this four pack sampler of natural deodorant. I’ve never used natural deodorant before, but I’m well aware of all the reasons I should. I’m going to try them all and let you know how it goes. Then we’ll see how I feel about cancelling my MightyFix.