My first Mighty Fix came in the mail this week, but I’ve been too busy with my new house to share. I got the Mighty Nest dryer balls which I was really excited about.

I don’t normally use fabric softener because my son has eczema. I put a little vinegar in a Downy ball and that has a way better result with no added scent. But in the winter I have to turn to dryer sheets or I’m likely to start an electrical storm with the static from my dryer.

These dryer balls should replace those annoying dryer sheets completely. The card insert promises they’ll soften my clothes, fight static, and even cut drying time. I hope they’re right.

My only worry is that the balls will make a lot of noise in the dryer. They’re thicker and heavier than I’d expected. Anyway, I’ll let you know when I do my first laundry load in my new dryer in my new house. Yay!