This week we attended the opening of The Container Store- the first one in our area. The invite said there would be food and drinks. I was expecting some crackers and cheese on a platter, but they had this place tricked out!

When we entered we were each offered a glass of wine, which we obviously accepted. I thought that would be it for the wine. I mean, do you really want the general public getting ripped in your nice, new store? Then we discovered the bar and when we asked if we could have more they replied, “Of course. As much as you want.” As much as we want!! And the towers of food! There were four or five (I lost count) food stations around the store offering the cutest and most delicious hors d’oeuvres you could want in a retail store on a Thursday afternoon.I think I ate twelve of these little bitty tacos.


And there was a band. A really good cover band playing seventies and eighties tunes. And a dance floor. We thought, Who’s going to get down at the opening of The Container Store? But once the booze really got flowing those shoppers got going! It was a real party. I was impressed that The Container Store would put on such a shindig to introduce their place to new customers.

Oh, and they have cool stuff, too. But I’ll have to check that out later because there were so many people and so. much. food.

I’m gonna want to need these lockers.