I started on my October Graze Box today and I want to share with you how it’s going so far.

For breakfast I had the Fruity Flapjack. The dates and pumpkin seeds stood out to Ime as the dominant flavors. Again, these Flapjacks are always soft and taste fresh. This one is my favorite so far. I’m thinking of buying a whole package, which I can do at Graze.com. But $1.50 each seems a little pricey to me.


The second snack I tried today was the Cinnamon Pretzel mix. I don’t know why they call it that. It’s actually poppyseed pretzels with caramelized honey and cinnamon almonds. The poppyseed pretzels were good and perfectly complemented the OH MY DOG THESE ALMONDS ARE AMAZING! Excuse me. The almonds were amazing. If you’ve ever had those sugary roasted almonds in the mall at Christmas time, these are like that. I want more. I want so much more. Unfortunately, Graze only sells this mix in these tiny pouches for $1.50 each. I want a bag of this stuff. I want to sit on my couch in my jammies under a big blanket by my fireplace and eat this. Too bad.

The Graze shop is what’s turning me off from this subscription service. Even when I find a snack I really love, their products are pricey and sold in inconvenient quantities.

You can get your first and fifth Graze boxes free by clicking here.