So, I have just a little bit of OCD. I like order, although I’m sometimes too lazy to give in to my tendencies. This is why I keep all of my Glam Bag goodies together in the first bag I ever received. It’s red plastic with fake quilting detail, but I’m surprised at how well it’s held up over the months. Obviously not everything fits in there, so it only contains the products I’m currently using. Others have been put away for later and some don’t fit in the bag.

But now that bag is getting crazy full. I had to purge. But it’s so hard. My favorites wiclarksll stay. Some that I almost never use will go. Like the Hanalei sugar lip scrub. It works okay. It smells great. But I just don’t have time in my life for scrubbing my lips. Sad.

And there’s the Clark’s Botanical Deep Moisture Mask. It’s not bad, but I don’t feel it’s done anything for me. Sorry, boys. You got to go.


Then there are my favorites. My don’t-let-go-until-you-scrape-the-bottom products:

Illamasqua Liquid Eyeliner Pen- Easy to use. Doesn’t rub off. Very black.

Starlooks Rose Gold Cream Eyeshadow- Smooth and not obnoxious. This is a great base for a night out.

Winky Lux Diamond Powder- It’s soft and it makes me feel fancy.

I top all that off with my Pacifica eyeshadow trio and I’m feeling sexy.

That is all. Just wanted to share.