Yesterday I got my first 8-snack Graze Box. Is it wrong to get so excited about snacks? Below are reviews of just a few of the items in my September box. I’m trying to ration, so you’ll have to check back for more reviews.

The Cheese Board: I got bored of cheddar-flavored snack crackers a long time ago. But this one was surprisingly good. The cheesy cashews were different and delicious. There were also herbed mini rice cakes and cheddar croutons.


Lemon Drizzle Flapjacks: As I said in my previous Flapjack review, these are chewy and fresh. They make a good breakfast. I’m not a fan of straight lemon, but the lemon wasn’t overpowering.


Peachy Orchard: Peach, rhubarb and pear. I do not like rhubarb. It’s like some kind of fermented celery. But I tried the stuff anyway. A few bites. It wasn’t as bad as fresh rhubarb as I remember it from my childhood. But most of it remained in the container and eventually made it to the trash. The pear slices were okay. The peaches were super sweet. This mix wasn’t for me as far as flavors, but there definitely wasn’t anything wrong with it.


Those nasty little rhubarb pieces stayed behind.

You can get your first and fifth Graze boxes free by clicking here.