Once again my breakfast consisted of one of the snacks from my Graze box. The Banana Cream Pie was a mix of banana slices, mini marshmallows, little fudge squares, and pecans. I know it’s rich for breakfast, but sometimes at work you have to compromise.
I was surprised that the bananas weren’t hard like the dried ones I’m used to and that they still tasted fresh. That’s the main thing I’ve loved about Graze so far; that they don’t just pack some stale snacks into a bag a set them on a shelf for a year. These snacks have an expiration date and it’s not five years from now. In fact, the “best by” date on my Banana Cream Pie mix is November of this year.
Anyway, it was a yummy snack. I marked it “like” (and not “love”) on my Graze profile because I did like it but wouldn’t beg for them to send it to me again.
Then there was the New York Everything Bagel snack box. Oh, my dog. I love everything bagels. I wouldn’t say these little cracker sticks taste just like an everything bagel, but they’re pretty close. Poppy seeds. Sesame. So so good! Marked this one “love.”
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