Every morning I have a cup of coffee. That’s all I’m supposed to have. My neurologist said so. Then around 2 o’clock, after hours of moving numbers around on a computer screen, I get so sleepy I can barely stand it. I found a fix for this!

A friend gave me a Citrus Fizz Stick from Arbonne and told me to try it. Um, okay. I’ll play along. The next day was Saturday and I was packing boxes to stage my house for sale. I was exhausted by lunchtime. I stared at those boxes believing they would be the death of me. Then I tried the Fizz Stick.

I’m not saying it was miraculous or that it was all the doing of the Fizz Stick, but I got my second wind. I got a third wind, even. The Fizz Stick definitely woke me up. I proceeded to fill five giant boxes from around my little house.

So I bought more fizz sticks. I started drinking them at work with my lunch to get ahead of my 2 o’clock fatigue. (To be fair, I also take vitamin D3 in the afternoon, but had already been doing that for months) It’s worked well and I’ve been way more productive. The best part is that there’s no let-down from this product later. It’s not a surge of energy with regret at the end. I like that. I also like that they’re all natural with vitamins and no artificial sweeteners.

I don’t need a stick every day. Some days I need more than one. But last month I bought four 30 packs because I’m addicted and afraid I’ll run out. You can get yours here.