At the beginning of the summer I purchased the Honeywell Heat Bud personal heater for my desk at work. That’s right, the beginning of the summer. A heater. Because it may be hellfire hot outside, but my chair is positioned directly under and air vent which shares a thermostat with offices that have actual windows that raise their temperatures so they keep it on unholy-frigid at all times. So I needed a tiny heater to keep just my personal self warm and that I could sometimes stick under my desk for some true coziness.

The Honeywell heater is cute. I like that’s it’s angled up because I like to put it by my feet when I’m not wearing socks. (why not wear socks? because i told you, it’s a hundred and eighty seven degrees outside!)

This heater makes almost no noise and sometimes I forget that it’s on. But no worries. The best feature is that it shuts off automatically if it tips over. I don’t have to worry that I left it on because I just kick it on its side whenever I leave my desk. And front is ceramic and doesn’t get hot. Other times it keeps my whole body warm from the floor.

If you’re looking for something to warm a room, this isn’t it. But if you just need a little desk warmer it’s great. I definitely feel that it was a good buy for the price.