As you know, I was really excited for my Glam Bag. When it finally came it sat in my hot mailbox in the hellfire July heat for an hour before I could get home and rescue it. Nothing seems to have been damaged, though.

The July bag features beachy umbrella tops on an iridescent background. It’s pretty adorable, but I don’t think I’ll be keeping it. So look for it in a future giveaway.

This month’s samples seemed slim compared to the bags I’ve gotten in the past. Maybe it was just the relative size of the items, but there’s plenty of product there which, as always, equals way more than the ten dollars I pay every month. Overall I’m still very happy with it.


My products this month included:

Eye shadow from theBalm (plum is not a color I wear, but I will try it for the sake of trying new things)

J. Cat Beauty brow pencil (I normally use powder for my brows, but this works okay, too)

Pur Cosmetics primer (with a shimmery glow which seems silly since I’m putting foundation on top of it)

Eye gel from Organic Surge (a little too gooey for me)

A small angled brush from Luxie Beauty (to add to my collection of brushes I haven’t used yet)