My hair has always been a nightmare for me. It’s very fine (which is not the same as thin) and will always only be straight. It can’t be permed and it will never be big. In the big hair age of the eighties (yes, I’m that old) it was quite depressing to be the only tween who couldn’t get her bangs high. Even Aquanet couldn’t save me.

But the nineties did. Big hair faded away and for all the following decades I’ve been okay with my boringly straight hair. Just okay because it was still flat and boring.

Then my hairdresser Dani introduced me to Color Proof products. I had tried all the expensive brands in an attempt to keep my hair from looking oily or frizzy or sad. I had resigned to Pantene because nothing pricey seemed to make a difference. But Color Proof actually changed my life. My hair’s life. It’s not like I suddenly got more friends or was offered a life-altering promotion. But my hair is better. That’s the point.crazysmooth

Color Proof Crazy Smooth is the only shampoo I’ve used that doesn’t leave a gross residue on my hair. That residue from other shampoos weighed it down and left the roots greasy and limp. Color Proof actually leaves my hair bouncy without being frizzy.

When I’m out of the shower I brush my hair WITHOUT ANY TANGLES! Trust a girls whose mom made her get a boy’s hair cut rather than keep fighting with tangles when I tell you what a major breakthrough this was in my life. My brush literally glides through my hair. I can use a comb. A COMB, you guys!


Lastly, I squoosh a little Color Proof LiftIt Mousse into my hands and apply it to my roots. If you have fine hair like I do you’re probably cringing as you’re reading this. Fine hair can’t handle extra product. Mousse is a definite no-no. But this stuff is actually some kind of airless magic fairy mousse that disappears into my roots while still doing its job. Okay, it’s probably not magical but I don’t have a real explanation because I don’t know science. But it works. It is truly weightless and it keeps my head from having those annoying little fly-aways that make me look like I just woke up from a nap in a wind tunnel. And it actually lifts my roots after I blow-dry (another thing I hardly ever did before I tried Color Proof).

Color Proof is pricey. A large bottle of shampoo or conditioner at my local Beauty Brands is around $58. So buying all three products at once is kind of painful. But you literally only need a nickle-sized spot of the shampoo and conditioner, so a bottle of each will last me an entire year. When you consider how often you have to replace the cheap brands (which are made mostly of water) it actually isn’t more expensive to buy a good brand.