That time of the month is coming up! I love that time. I look forward to it all month long. What time? GLAM BAG TIME!

Around the middle of every month I get my Glam Bag in the mail from Ipsy. There are several reasons why I love my Glam Bag. Two of those reasons are a: I love getting stuff in the mail, b: I love surprises, and c: I need someone to tell me what makeup to wear.

When I joined Ipsy I first made sure I could cancel my membership with no problem. After a brief Google search of Ipsy reviews I determined that it wouldn’t be a problem. Although this is the only subscription service I belong to, I am a potential sucker for box subscriptions and would join a hundred if I could. Which is why I’m using my maturity and self-control to not. In this case I figured $10 wasn’t too much of a risk and I would cancel if it wasn’t worth it.

Boy was I surprised.

For their Glam Bag, Ipsy collects samples from vendors and distributes them to the subscribers. There are about a dozen samples for every month and the four or five you get is determined by the profile you fill out online. When I say samples, you guys, I mean nearly full-sized products. Sometimes they actually are full-sized products. These aren’t the Mary Kay samples you scrape off of a card with a plastic stick. I’ve gotten lipsticks, makeup brushes, eyeliners and nail polish, among other things. I’ve been an Ipsy member for eight months and I currently have a back stock of Glam Bag samples I haven’t tried yet because I haven’t used up my other ones.

Like I said before, I need someone to tell me what makeup to wear. I’m not in my twenties anymore, I have kids, and I don’t have time to research this and that and whatever. If I run out of something I will for sure drive two blocks to CVS and get whatever works. So I like that Ipsy introduces me to products I didn’t know existed. If I find something I really love I can easily find it on Ipsy and order from the vendor online.

Finally and in conclusion, I highly recommend Ipsy’s Glam Bag subscription. Keep an eye out for my review of my July Glam Bag and all of them in the future. I’m so exited I could just spit!